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How attractive are your Systems?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Organisations and in particular the Hospitality sector has always been dependent on great people.

And that’s true now more than ever; it is commonly accepted that finding great people to build a quality team around your business is getting more difficult.

One survey in April this year (2018) was based on 261 hospitality management interviews and 407 hospitality worker interviews across the UK. From the worker interviews it found the following;

· Just over 1 in 10 workers (11%, equivalent to around 330,000 staff nationally) working in UK hospitality, are thinking about leaving the UK as a result of Brexit.

· Overall, 53% of workers think that Brexit has made the UK “a less welcoming place to live and work”.

But from the management interviews it found;

· Managers estimate that 4% of their workers are considering leaving the UK due to Brexit.

· 3% of Managers predict they will be forced to close their businesses as a result of Brexit.

· Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of managers reported that recruitment had been harder than in April 2017, with 16% believing they will not be able to fulfil their staffing requirements over the next five years with domestic workers.

So, a bleak picture then… or an opportunity?

Every time a sector experiences challenge, winners emerge. And when they do, it’s not because they try harder. It’s because their systems are built better.

Systems are the documented recipes within a business that creates consistency which gives stability to the business. These systems would cover your HR, Marketing, IT, Sales, Processes & Procedures, Health & Safety, Finance, Distribution, and so on.

But that’s not enough – the magic is when these all interact in a harmonious and beneficial way. Then it is inevitable that your business will experience winning outcomes.

Two random examples of ‘hiccups’ in a system;

1) Recruiting great people before understanding 100% your Mission, Vision, Values etc; it’s no surprise when that great person cannot ‘fly’ in your organisation.

2) Marketing without a robust tactical and strategical plan for the right type of Marketing, or without the tactical and strategical repetitions and follow ups to drive that Marketing forward; it’s no surprise when your organisation doesn’t ‘fly’ in the market.

The biggest thing about attractive systems? They attract the best people!

If you want to check that your recipe is consistent, or you want to know how to make your vision mission and values explicit in your processes and procedures then get in touch for a chat.

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