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Are your teams disperate? Working relationships a bit more strained? Is productivity now lower than it was a year ago?

Relational water cooler conversations are no longer happening and it is eerily quiet, which you might think is good because people can get work done without interruptions, however there is a saying "silence isn't golden, it's lethal". With the normal 9-5 office working environment being turned on its head and management structures moving to collaborative team structures in favour of hierarchical structures, leads us to ask how do we cultivate working relationships and knowledge sharing that keep you agile and competitive?

Below you can download a paper that I have written. The paper gives you indepth research on constructs, models and tools within the digital and social age, when facilitating social and collective learning. It also gives solutions on how to practically apply these to increase engagement and productivity.

Paper on Facilitating Social and Collect
Download • 1.44MB

Embracing and embedding a learning culture by adopting social and collective learning structures, breaks down a “them and us” culture that prevails in organisations who still operate with a hierarchical structure with a broadcast culture. It also solves issues such as:

  • Burn out within senior management due to a lack of effective delegation

  • Retention issues as the organisation provides a sense of belonging

  • Increased diversity and inclusion

  • Increased effective organisational communication

Social and collective learning gives the ability to hear the unheard wisdom and brings out tacit knowledge and experience meaning the organisation has the ability to be relevant, agile and provide a culture of openness and trust which enhances productivity and ultimately organisational growth.

If any of the above resonates with you, then I would be happy to take you through a quick process for you to create your game plan to get you on the road to success. We have found that the leaders we work with are more likely to experience:

  • A Great Culture that leads to an Engaged Workforce.

  • High Trust amongst team members leading to Increased Collaboration.

  • Common Goals that yield Efficient Work.

  • Focus that allows them to Hit Their Targets.

  • Maximized Team Potential which helps them Do More With Less.

For a free conversation to see if we can help you further then pop over to and contact us to book a free consultation to find solutions to challenges you may be experiencing.

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