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Vision Mission & Values

Your Vision, Mission and Values are the foundation and building blocks of any organisation. These are competitive advantages that create organisational alignment and should be the basis for all business decisions which drive the right behaviours, attract the right team members and indeed, ideal clients!

In this engagement, Diamond! Business Growth will use a three-step process:


  • Create, clarify, & modify your companies Values, Mission Statements, and Vision Statements.

  • Give methods to communicate those values and statements to teams; and clarify external reach including Marketing messages and Sales practices, using a specific communications model to engage

  • Educate the organisation on how to adapt these and integrate them into their working reality using techniques that drive behavioural change.

Coaching & Retainer Based Services

Would you like to have Rachel on speed-dial for individual or team leadership coaching, addressing organisational culture issues, growth challenges with a focus on creating transformational change?


Would you like her to meet monthly with your key executives for check-ins to proactively address small issues before they become big problems?

Diamond! Business Growth will gladly create a custom retainer agreement for you and your team. 

Workshops & Keynote Talks

Looking to provide an engaging, results-driven educational event for your organisation? 


Engage Rachel! She offers numerous interactive workshops for organisations that create leadership communities.

  • 5VOICES - Transforming Team Communication. Experience the power of the 5 Leadership Voices in this series            of interactive  workshops designed to be used within a team setting. Through    them you will deepen relational trust,        unlock your team's true potential and        accelerate its performance.


  • 100X LEADER -  designed to help you multiply healthy, productive, and effective teams throughout your organisation. Building leaders worth following.

  • DIGITAL AGE LEADER - Understanding the challenges of the digital age leader,various methods of remote working and gain insights into the steps required for successful Digital Age team leaders. 

Culture Assessment

There is very often a disconnect between organisation culture, and the employee’s perception of a organisation culture.


This disconnect creates communication challenges, misaligned expectations, and can result in reduced trust & confidence in leadership. Diamond! Business Growth’s culture audits gather insight on the disparities between the actual culture and the perceived culture. 


Once we’ve identified the gap, we create tactics and strategies to close it, so employees and leaders are moving forward in harmony.

Strategic Planning

Diamond Business Growth enables strategic planning sessions, and advisory board meetings to ensure high engagement, maximum productivity, open communication, and desired results.

Goal setting helps to create a shared purpose where everybody is pulling together in the same direction. Goals are obviously unachievable when accountability isn’t present. Successful teams embrace accountability as individuals and groups, but organisations must also be accountable.
Accountability works its way into company culture when teams are willing to take ownership of objectives, not because they have to, but because they WANT to. 


Accountability doesn’t come from strict rules and discipline. It comes from an open environment where stakeholders aren’t afraid to contribute. Diamond! Business Growth facilitates an environment where this is possible.

Group Facilitation

Diamond Business Growth facilitates high support and high challenge in  team meetings, strategic planning sessions, and advisory board meetings to ensure high engagement, maximum productivity, open communication, and desired results.

We also facilitate team-building programs to ensure a complete understanding of roles & responsibilities, strong synergy among team members, high levels of trust, and maximum contributions to deliver best results.

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