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Rachel is a learning and development professional who is CIPD qualified and a certified GiANT 5 voices and 100X Leader coach.  She focuses on executive coaching, leadership training and increasing organisational performance through learning and development.
For a business to grow, communication is key; Rachel has a passion for helping business owners and exec teams to achieve their vision. 

Being dyslexic, Rachel has become passionate about effective communication and the positive effects it can have on organisations.


Rachel resolves conflict & breaks down the ‘them and us’ barriers, whilst underpinning the company's core values.
She has coached business owners and exec teams & she has previously set up her own Call Centre and Recruitment company from scratch; delivering effective leadership and sales training and building collaborative teams .

From running her own companies and having helped other companies and organisations, Rachel understands and delivers past the theory and it is the reason she focuses on performance rather than learning theories.

She understands the sleepless nights, the frustration of being taken off track from the area of business you’re passionate about and helps to clear the path to success and ultimately the life you deserve.




Andrew has spent many years within a great many Business Sectors, in management and as a business owner & entrepreneur.

As well as running his own businesses, he specialises in working with start-ups, SME’s, and he has worked previously in Corporate where he ran large production teams which gives him a well rounded approach.

He is centred on the sales process, winning new business and the framework to help businesses with growth, clarity and improvements, which help build winning teams and happy people.

He directly engages with Owners, Entrepreneurs, and top table, and as a business owner he is in tune with the range of challenges that a business faces.

He loves building relationships and attracting new business, he loves to lend an ear and listens to his clients to give solutions to give a path to success.

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