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Updated: Sep 24, 2020

On flicking through the news this morning, I stopped on an Interview with the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solber. She was being questioned on how Norway has dealt with Covid19. Norway entered lock down 11 days before the UK and only have 235 deaths to date.

She was asked the age-old divisive question…do you think the reason that the countries who are managing Covid19 the best are because they are run by women? The PM’s response was “I think I’m experienced enough in political and social sciences to know better and that it has more to do with a flatter organisational and leadership structure”.

So why is a flatter leadership structure more successful than the traditional hierarchical structure? In the article What Businesses Need in Order to Develop a Flat Structure of Leadership by William Craig it highlights that it makes you more agile and innovative which is needed in today’s climate. Traditional hierarchical structures tend to create silo’s and burn out within senior management.

I focus on helping organisations to develop a working flatter structure with tools grounded in science.   Whether it is to facilitate your team through the core process or to take you and your team through the 5 voices assessment to ensure your leadership team are successful in working within a flatter structure. Why don’t you do the 5 voices assessment for yourself and see what your strengths and your tendencies are during stress. Head to to sign up for 30 days free. Once you’re in, head to the

Assessment section.

If you need any other help as you go back to work and find the team you once had are not the same people they were because they all react to change differently then drop me a message to arrange a free chat to help you succeed moving forward.

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