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Being An Entrepreneur Isn't Normal

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I’ve come to understand over the years that being an entrepreneur is not normal, and is anything other than straightforward. It is a roller coaster ride of extremes. You start with the enthusiasm of a child with a product or a service that you have created to make a difference in people’s lives, so why does it often become so difficult!

Through my coaching of executives, the familiar story is “Rachel I’ve had more than one financial wipe out, and I now hate hiring staff because my vision and mission starts to disappear as soon as I do that”.

Entrepreneurship seems to be a desired quality that employers now seek and in the corporate world “entrepreneurial spirit” is requested as a desirable trait. However, this seems to strip the process of being an entrepreneur down, selecting only a few desirable key elements - which means you are not left with a true entrepreneur.

So, what is an entrepreneur at heart? And why isn’t it ‘normal’?

  • Being an Entrepreneur is a creative existence. It removes processes that are linear as this interferes with the creative process when looking at the big picture

  • It is a future-based existence – so the ‘now’ can be irritating and get in the way.

  • The Entrepreneur is a doer and would rather test whilst in action than theory, meaning mistakes are done in live time.

  • He/she is prepared to take a risk because their imagination is far more powerful than their willpower

These all go against the grain when it comes to human behaviour. You are increasing risk in your life and not going along with the normal hard wiring of our brains to survive… maybe we are missing a few wires or maybe our desire to help others just becomes far greater!

The most common reasons why financial wipeout happens to so many are:

  • Wearing too many hats in business - not delegating, leading to burnout

  • Not understanding personal strengths and weaknesses – and the ideal role they should be performing in the organisation as it grows…and what they should avoid (just because you created the company doesn’t mean you should run every department)

  • Running with things before doing due diligence

  • Not mastering how to build and lead teams. You need to do this to grow or communicate vision in ways that inspires others.

The most successful Entrepreneurs have had the most spectacular failings where they have lost everything.

I know some who felt there was no way back!

But here’s the good news - believe it or not it’s ‘normal’!

Indeed, it’s even a helpful process… yes helpful!

For many reasons, life and experience takes us right back to bare bones. This bit can leave entrepreneurs feeling helpless but is the bit that’s helpful.

Think of it like heather on the hills. Heather is burned back until it appears to not exist anymore. Rotational burning has been a traditional management tool for centuries, and it promotes healthy heather growth!

But how can that be when it’s been burned back, and it no longer appears to exist?

Well, it has an unseen root system that contains all the invaluable knowledge and experience to bloom again. Taking everything back to bare bones is helpful as you can move on and build on a fresh experience and use your good and bad experiences to create something that is unstoppable.

Being an entrepreneur is a unique existence.

Many would not risk going through it. But for some, it is a way to make a true difference in life.

Never be put off by failure so much that it’s your final stop.

Failure should be celebrated because it’s one step closer to success. If you want to get there quicker then it is key to find tools that create more self awareness as focusing on your strengths and being aware of tendencies provide a pathway to success. A tool that I have found to give such life changing clarity and direction is the 5 voices assessment which you can do yourself here Surround yourself with those who will support you during the ups and downs, help you to communicate your vision and mission and build teams who will drive it forward with you.

If you want someone who will roll their sleeves up and walk with you on your journey to success, then give Rachel a ring for a free chat or coffee on 07748 718757.

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